Purpose of the foundation.

Charles Raby’s case is heading towards the U.S. Supreme Court.  Hardly any time is left to convince the legal system that the only proof the State of Texas has, Charles’ confession, is false. The most important and actual goal of the Charles D. Raby Foundation is to prevent Charles from being executed. The foundation seeks to achieve its goals by sharing relevant  information with the public and the press, raising funds for legal assistance offering practical support and calling for political action. 

Some cases of death row prisoners are well known in big parts of the world. The story of Charles Raby being innocent over 24 years on Texas death row is hardly known outside of Texas, hardly even within Texas. That is why friends created a website with all legal and personal information about Charles:

Introduction to the case of Charles D. Raby.

Charles Douglas Raby was sentenced to death for the murder of a friend’s grandmother. He was arrested on October 18 1992 and in June 1994 sent off to Texas death row where he is kept in solitary confinement.

After Charles’ arrest he falsely confessed due to the investigation detective telling him that he could have his then fiancée locked up and her baby placed in child protective service. Both were held at the police station and not taken home as they should have been.

During the trial there was a fundamental lack of competent defense. Most importantly, at the time the Houston crime lab worker had described results of testing on fingernail scraping of the victim as ‘inconclusive’. Testing actually showed it wasn’t his DNA under the woman’s fingers, which meant that the lab worker’s trial testimony was false. No physical evidence linked Charles to the crime.

Claims by his current attorneys of a coerced confession, concerns about inconsistencies and later allegations of withheld evidence, didn’t lead to the new trial they fought for.

Background of Charles.

Charles was born in Houston Texas on March 22 1970. He was raised by his mother for the most part, not knowing his father until he was 17 years old. He left when Charles was two years of age. His stepfather treated Charles violently and locked him up most of the time. When his mother left this man, Charles discovered street life. He had no structure, went from child protection to child protection from which he constantly ran home to his mother. 

Information about Charles and his legal case.

Since 2017 some friends created the website Save Charles D. Raby ( on which pretty all legal files are gathered together with some explanations Charles wrote himself. Together we made an effort to present all facts. 

This website also contains most of his artwork, drawings and paintings. Charles uses (as he names it) ‘kiddy paint’. Besides art there are personal stories about his life before prison and about life on Texas death row. Charles is dealing with circumstances on death row by listening to the radio, drawing painting, reading and by writing with the lot of people that have written to him over the years.